Monster High Howliday Clawdeen

Monster High is back with another Howliday edition ghoul, and it’s a beautiful purple haired Clawdeen. She seems to be celebrating Winter Solstice, and has a phase of the moon themed crown to go along with it, and even features some crescent moons on her shoes. She’s clearly out to reign over the night time howliday festivities!


Howliday Valentine’s Edition

Monster High have released another howliday edition doll, like the holiday themed Draculaura, but this time it’s a Valentine’s Day two pack of Cleo and Deuce. It features the more original looking monsters, as opposed to the new generation of them that you see in stores today. If you look closely, you’ll notice there’s even a skulette shaped box of…ahem, chocolates, that look like a spider web, scarab, and a coffin. And a Valentine’s Day card, saying Be My Creepy Valentine, to go along with the chocolates, flower and balloon. Now if that’s not monster love, then I don’t know what is…