Doll Food

All dolls need something to eat, especially in the new houses they’re living in, right? So here’s some fun little pieces of food you can make for your dolls!

Party food!

And this is just a small little one, so if you jump forward to about 3:45 into the video, the tutorial will start for how to make a bag of chips!

Here is the link for the printable needed to make the chips!

One last one, and it’s perfectly themed for this time of year…back to school lunches! Very cute, and looks to be pretty easy and fun, so for anyone wanting the added little touch of details, try some of these out!

Here are the printables for the things in the above video!

All videos by MyFroggyStuff.

Walk-in Closet

For all these doll houses that you might try making [or already have], you’re going to need a walk-in closet! Here’s another tutorial, by simplekidscrafts, which was also found by one of our members, detailing how to make your own! It’s very cute, and doesn’t seem too hard, so give it a shot!


Anyone feeling REALLY adventurous, and crafty? If so, give this doll treehouse a shot. Looks like it would take a lot of time, but it looks amazing, and would make for a beautiful scene for some dolls.

Again, the video is by the very talented MyFroggyStuff.

This one especially, if anyone tries it..share your pictures, I would really love to see them! I may have to give it a shot, if I find a big enough cardboard box.

Dolly Dollhouse

Want your dolls to get to have the fun of playing with dolls? Here’s another video by MyFroggyStuff that one of our members found, where it shows you how to make your dolls their own doll sized doll house, and even dolls! This looks like it would be a really fun project, so again, anyone who attempts to make one, send me pictures, and I can post them, if you’d like to share them.

I would think for the dolls, you could even find images online, be it Barbies, Monster High, or any other dolls, and simply print them out, follow her same steps to make the dolls. There’s endless possibilities!

Be creative, and have fun!

Fairy Wings

Want to turn your doll into a fairy, even just for the day, without altering your doll? Here’s how with this super easy, and fun tutorial by the talented MyFroggyStuff.

Here is the link she provided, to get to her free printable version of the wings she drew, if you aren’t feeling up to drawing your own.

Fairy Wing Print-outs

If anyone tries this, and even I may have to myself, then send me pictures of your finished results. If you’d like, they can even be added to our photo gallery, which will be up and running soon!

First Meeting Of The Year!

Our first meeting for this new year is coming up, so have some fun, and come join us! We’ll be looking forward to seeing you all again, and hopefully some new faces, too!

September 28th, 2014
Charterhouse Hotel
330 York Avenue, Winnipeg