For anyone with questions or wanting more information, here are some of our frequently asked questions.


What is the Manitoba Doll Club?

The Manitoba Doll Club is a group of people who collect or have an appreciation for dolls of all varieties, who meet on a monthly basis most of the year.


Can anyone come?

Yes, we welcome all guests, so anyone who is interested can come to a meeting at any time, come check us out, see what we’re about or if you would enjoy it. If so, you can choose to join the club, which includes a membership fee. Everyone is able to come as a guest one time, before later being asked after attending another meeting, to either join, or pay an individual fee of $5 for each additional meeting that’s attended, out of fairness to members who have paid a membership.


When and where are your meetings?

Our meetings are held at at various places in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the moment, as explore new venues. Our standard meeting times are September through June, with the meetings on the 4th Sunday of every month, with the exception of December, where we have a Holiday luncheon instead.