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Winter Fantasy Barbie 1995. Brunette with gold and white outfit. NRFB.
Winter Fantasy Barbie 1996. Brunette with burgundy and silver outfit. NRFB.
Barbie on Bay 1996. Blonde doll with pink gingham jumper. NRFB.
FloJo Doll 1989. LJN Toys. Florence Griffith Joyner celebrity doll. NRFB.

Dolls are $25 EACH. Can be picked up from Winnipeg address or will mail. Estimated cost to ship anywhere in N. America $15 per doll (less if more than one is purchased).
For more information email

Coming soon: Sindy, Paul, Imani and Menelik and more.


Doll Maker and Doll Doctor
Doll Repairs: Antique, Bisque, or Composition

Call Sylvia Grantham (204)482-4932, or email



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