Barbie Movie Barbies

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! The Barbie Movie dolls have been released, and they feature characters and fashions from the movie. There has already been a little bit of controversy among collectors, who were not a fan of Barbie’s bangs. However, in all honesty…the bangs are cute, but I’d advise getting that particular doll in store (Toys R Us, Walmart), in person, as opposed to online, so you can choose one with bangs you feel look good, because some can sit a little off.


Perfect Day Barbie


Ken Perfect Day


Back To Barbieland


Denim Ken


Pink Western Barbie


Barbieland Gold Jumpsuit


President Barbie



Disney ily 4EVER Dolls

Disney has come out with new Disney bounding dolls, dolls that are inspired by different Disney Princesses. Their outfits and accessories all feature details that let you know which Princess they’re a fan of and their outfits are inspired by. So far there are six dolls in the collection, each inspired by a different Princess (Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine), and there is also a large assortment of not only fashion packs you can get, that also feature some of the other Princesses, but also accessory packs. Each doll also comes with a Mickey Mouse balloon, which has a surprise inside each one.

Howliday Valentine’s Edition

Monster High have released another howliday edition doll, like the holiday themed Draculaura, but this time it’s a Valentine’s Day two pack of Cleo and Deuce. It features the more original looking monsters, as opposed to the new generation of them that you see in stores today. If you look closely, you’ll notice there’s even a skulette shaped box of…ahem, chocolates, that look like a spider web, scarab, and a coffin. And a Valentine’s Day card, saying Be My Creepy Valentine, to go along with the chocolates, flower and balloon. Now if that’s not monster love, then I don’t know what is…

February Meeting

Hey guys and gals, our meeting will be on February 26th, at the Salisbury House on 787 Leila Avenue. The meeting starts at 1:30, but the room is available to us at 12pm. If you’d like to order something to eat, just remember to come early so that your order is in by 12:45 at the latest to avoid disturbing the meeting.

We hope to see you there!

And if you got a new doll from a special someone, or a galentine, or maybe even one you got yourself for Valentine’s Day…bring them in, we would love to see them!

Monster High Haunt Couture

That’s right, Monster High is back…sort of. A special collectors set was being released, which feature haunt couture fashions, and come in coffin shaped boxes. They’re a little more pricey than the regular Monsters, and are available online, but sell fast. Was anyone able to get their hands on any? I have to say, their faces are extra cute on these dolls. 

Barbie Extra Fancy

Being extra with your fashion isn’t enough…now you need to add some fancy! Barbie Extra Fancy goes above and beyond with the fashion, even moreso, by glaming it up with fancy gowns. What do you think, do you love the style?


The Queen

Barbie honors The Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II in 2022. June 2022 United Kingdom will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II on 6 February 1952. Meet Barbie Signature Queen Elisabeth II doll in all her monarchical glory.
Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning monarch in British history and this doll will depict her not now of her accession to the throne, but at her age, with her hair touched with gray.
Queen Alexandra’s tiara “kokoshnik” will adorn the queen’s head. And the dress will be decorated with a blue ribbon for celebrations, among many other fun details. The doll was released on April 21st. Was anyone able to get her?


Wild Hearts Crew

A new line of funky dolls is coming to us from Mattel. They’re called the Wild Hearts Crew, and I can’t wait for them to hit stores. They’re supposed to be a little more edgy, a little more rock and roll, with bigger bodies than Barbies have, but still full of all sorts of fun details, not to mention some fun hair colors and fashions, and accessories.


Creatable World: Gender Neutral Dolls

Mattel is launching it’s first gender neutral dolls, that are called Creatable World, where kids can customize their doll to represent themselves, or to create the doll any way they would like, in any fashion they would like. They come with short hair, and a longer wig, along with a few different outfit choices that they can mix and match, and thee pairs of shoes, and a couple accessories. They come in a variety of skin tones and hair colors, and both curly and straight.