Barbies You May Have Missed

After seeing the movie, or if you like Barbie history…I thought of doing this myself,  ut came across this one thatMashable released, and it was so well done, I thought I would share their’s.  They released an article about all of the discontinued dolls that made an appearance in the movie, and also tells you what happened to them, and why they were discontinued. You have everything from Allen, Growing Up Skipper, the infamous pregnant Midge, Video Girl Barbie, to Earring Magic Ken, and even Teen Talk Barbie, who was discontinued because she said that “math class was tough”. Some people believed it was insinuating girls can’t do math, and instead of saying it was tough, should’ve encouraged that girls can do anything, inuding math…nevermind that for a lot of us, that comment can be true, and everyone excels at different subjects and different things. Nevertheless, it’s why Talking Barbie was discontinued. On the bright side, despite being discontinued, we can know that they are alive and well in Barbieland.

Here is the full list of dolls on MASHABLE.