March Meeting!

Our March meeting is coming up, on Sunday, March 24th, from 1pm – 4pm, with the meeting beginning at 1:30p. The meeting will be at the Condo Event Room, and if you’re not sure where or what that is, just ask us!


Our Show & Tell theme for this month will be About My Ancestors. If you don’t have anything to fit the theme, that’s okay, and feel free to bring in anything you’re wanting to show off. Either way, whatever it is, we’d love to see it!

February Meeting

Our meeting will be on the 25th, at the Condo Event Room (if you aren’t sure where that is, just contact us and ask!), with the meeting starting at 1:30pm, so please arrive before then!

It’s the season for love, and for this month’s meeting, we would love for you to bring in some “Famous Couples” dolls for show and tell. Barbie and Ken? Or maybe the more notorious, and controversial, Barbie and Blaine? Or what about Edward and Bella? Beauty and the Beast? Any famous couple dolls, bring them in so we can share the love.

January Meeting!

Hopefully you had a happy holiday season, and now that it’s over, you’d like to relax, have some fun, and show off the dolls you got for Christmas! Or just because you deserved that certain doll you had your eye on. So come to the January meeting, and show it off.

Our meeting will be on January 28th, at the Condo Event Room (if you’re not sure where or what that is, just contact us and we’ll fill you in!), and the meeting begins at 1:30. Hope to see you all there, and we can’t wait to see what you’re bringing to show off!

Monster High Howliday Clawdeen

Monster High is back with another Howliday edition ghoul, and it’s a beautiful purple haired Clawdeen. She seems to be celebrating Winter Solstice, and has a phase of the moon themed crown to go along with it, and even features some crescent moons on her shoes. She’s clearly out to reign over the night time howliday festivities!


Mariah Carey Barbie

As of this past Thursday, Mattel has officially released its Mariah Carey holiday Barbie for sale. She’s wearing a gown replicating one the singer has worn, and even features a silver butterfly ring on her hand. What do you think, do you need this Mariah Carey doll for your collection?


November Meeting

Our November 26th meeting is now also doubling as our Happy Holidays party, due to a scheduling conflict with our previous plans for December. We’re now having a potluck at our meeting, so be sure to RSVP with Lucy, and let us know you’re coming, and if you’re bringing a guest. Please refer to our newsletter for information about bringing a gift of some sort. So come on, be festive, dress festive, and be all sorts of merry at our happy holidays party!


Still bring your aliens show and tell items, along with any holiday themed show and tell. We can’t wait to see what you show off!


November 26th, at the Condo Event Room (if you aren’t sure where that is, just ask!), and you can arrive for 1pm!

Barbie Movie Dolls, Wave 2

You thought there were enough Barbie Movie dolls already? Think again! There is a second wave coming, around the beginning of August. This new set of dolls will include Ken in his fur coat, along with his western look, and even one of him in his white and gold tracksuit. Barbie in her pink jumpsuit. And you guessed it, the “weird” Barbie, which they’re calling Play Hard. It looks like there will also be another Mattel Creations Exclusive doll, and from the outline teasing the image, it looks like it could be another doll of Kate McKinnon, but that’s just a possibility. And you know the collection wouldn’t be complete without the rollerblading Barbie and Ken (sold separately).




These photos below belong to dollobsession2023:



Holiday Barbie 2023


The official Holiday Barbie for 2023 has been unveiled, and is already available now. It seems there are four different dolls, and some type of fifth exclusive one, that has yet to be revealed. I’ll keep you updated when more information pops up about her.







Barbie Movie Dolls & Accessories

In addition to all the previously mentioned Barbie Movie dolls, there’s another Mattel Creations exclusive doll, and a fashion pack for Barbie. Not to mention the two options for Barbie’s car, one of which is a remote controlled car!


Ken in White and Gold Tracksuit (Mattel Creations Exclusive)


Barbie Fashion Pack



Corvette 1

This car seats four dolls, though the back seat can be a little tight from what others have said. The trunk also opens.


Hot Wheels Corvette 2 (Remote Controlled)

The RC car only fits 2 dolls, and is a collaborative Barbie and Hot Wheels toy. So the choice is your’s…possibly more detail, and fits four dolls for the normal car…or one you can have a little fun with, and actually “drive”. Come on adult collectors, you know you want to!



Barbies You May Have Missed

After seeing the movie, or if you like Barbie history…I thought of doing this myself,  ut came across this one thatMashable released, and it was so well done, I thought I would share their’s.  They released an article about all of the discontinued dolls that made an appearance in the movie, and also tells you what happened to them, and why they were discontinued. You have everything from Allen, Growing Up Skipper, the infamous pregnant Midge, Video Girl Barbie, to Earring Magic Ken, and even Teen Talk Barbie, who was discontinued because she said that “math class was tough”. Some people believed it was insinuating girls can’t do math, and instead of saying it was tough, should’ve encouraged that girls can do anything, inuding math…nevermind that for a lot of us, that comment can be true, and everyone excels at different subjects and different things. Nevertheless, it’s why Talking Barbie was discontinued. On the bright side, despite being discontinued, we can know that they are alive and well in Barbieland.

Here is the full list of dolls on MASHABLE.