Mariah Carey Barbie

As of this past Thursday, Mattel has officially released its Mariah Carey holiday Barbie for sale. She’s wearing a gown replicating one the singer has worn, and even features a silver butterfly ring on her hand. What do you think, do you need this Mariah Carey doll for your collection?


Holiday Barbie 2023


The official Holiday Barbie for 2023 has been unveiled, and is already available now. It seems there are four different dolls, and some type of fifth exclusive one, that has yet to be revealed. I’ll keep you updated when more information pops up about her.







Barbie Hallmark Ornaments

As always, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments comes out with a few Barbie ornaments every year, which includes some modern dolls, and some old. One of the most interesting ones of this year’s releases are the Dia De Los Muertes ornament set, featuring a Barbie and Ken ornament set, dressed up for the occasion.