May Meeting!

Our May meeting will be on May 28th, at the condo. For our members who aren’t sure what that means or need more information, please check your newsletter. For anyone new wishing to attend a meeting and would like to know where to go, please contact us, and we’ll fill you in on where to go. The meeting will start at the same time as always, 1:30pm. We hope to see you there!

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information if you’re unsure.

April Meeting

Things are a little different this month, including the meeting date, which is on the 30th. This month the meeting will also be at the Selkirk Lounge at Red River College – Notre Dame campus. You can come for 1:00pm, and the meeting will start at our usual time of 1:30.

The best place to park is the parking lot off of Dalton Crescent, which is the bus loop entrance, in front of Building A. Then you go and enter the the main level of Building C. Security is right inside those doors, and from there, you immediately take the stairs/elevator down to the Mall Level. There will be signs helping to direct you to the elevator to A Building. Then you’ll need to take the elevator (or stairs) to the main level/first floor. You’ll see one last sign that will guide your way to the Selkirk Lounge.

If you’re still feeling lost on where to go, feel free to contact us.

If you’d like something to drink at the meeting, please bring your own beverage.

We hope to see you there! Maybe you’ll even bring a few of your Doll Extravaganza finds to show off!

Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza

The Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza is back! It will take place at the Viscount Gort Hotel at 1670 Portage Avenue, on April 23rd. It runs from 10am to 4pm. You never know what treasures you might find!

Admission for adults is $5, and for those who are 17 and under, admission is $2. If you bring a can of pet food for local rescues, you’ll also receive an extra door prize ticket!

Happy Easter, And A New Look!

Spring has sprung, and Easter is right around the corner…we’ll just have to pretend the snow isn’t really there. And in celebration of Spring, and some Easter fun, we have a new look for the website. Photo credit for the beautiful doll photos used, go to annette29aag.

Disney ily 4EVER Dolls

Disney has come out with new Disney bounding dolls, dolls that are inspired by different Disney Princesses. Their outfits and accessories all feature details that let you know which Princess they’re a fan of and their outfits are inspired by. So far there are six dolls in the collection, each inspired by a different Princess (Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine), and there is also a large assortment of not only fashion packs you can get, that also feature some of the other Princesses, but also accessory packs. Each doll also comes with a Mickey Mouse balloon, which has a surprise inside each one.

Disney x CreativeSoul

Disney has teamed up with the Black-owned business, CreativeSoul Photography, to come up with a special edition collection of reimagined Disney princesses, and what they would look like through a diverse lens. The dolls are based on the work of the founders of CreativeSoul Photography, Regis and Kahran Bethencourt. The dolls are their vision of Tiana, Snow White, Rapunzel and Cinderella, featuring natural hairstyles and intricate Afrocentric fabrics and accessories.

March Meeting!

It’s time for our March meeting! It’s on March 26th, at 1:30pm. Our meeting location is still TBD, but we’ll let you know where it will be as soon as possible, so keep checking back.

We’re hoping to see you there! And if you’re new here, and still debating if you want to go….please come, we would love to meet you, and I swear we don’t bite! Neither do the dolls.

My First Barbie

Mattel has come out with a new line of Barbies for kids. They’re called My First Barbie, but what’s different about them is that they’re actually a bit bigger than a normal Barbie. A normal Barbie is 11.5 inches tall, whereas the My First Barbies are 13.5 inches tall. The body of the dolls are now soft touch bodies, and they are meant to be easier for little hands to get them dressed and change their outfits. There are also a few fashion packs that are sold separately.

Howliday Valentine’s Edition

Monster High have released another howliday edition doll, like the holiday themed Draculaura, but this time it’s a Valentine’s Day two pack of Cleo and Deuce. It features the more original looking monsters, as opposed to the new generation of them that you see in stores today. If you look closely, you’ll notice there’s even a skulette shaped box of…ahem, chocolates, that look like a spider web, scarab, and a coffin. And a Valentine’s Day card, saying Be My Creepy Valentine, to go along with the chocolates, flower and balloon. Now if that’s not monster love, then I don’t know what is…