Barbie Movie Dolls, Wave 2

You thought there were enough Barbie Movie dolls already? Think again! There is a second wave coming, around the beginning of August. This new set of dolls will include Ken in his fur coat, along with his western look, and even one of him in his white and gold tracksuit. Barbie in her pink jumpsuit. And you guessed it, the “weird” Barbie, which they’re calling Play Hard. It looks like there will also be another Mattel Creations Exclusive doll, and from the outline teasing the image, it looks like it could be another doll of Kate McKinnon, but that’s just a possibility. And you know the collection wouldn’t be complete without the rollerblading Barbie and Ken (sold separately).




These photos below belong to dollobsession2023:



Barbie Movie Dolls & Accessories

In addition to all the previously mentioned Barbie Movie dolls, there’s another Mattel Creations exclusive doll, and a fashion pack for Barbie. Not to mention the two options for Barbie’s car, one of which is a remote controlled car!


Ken in White and Gold Tracksuit (Mattel Creations Exclusive)


Barbie Fashion Pack



Corvette 1

This car seats four dolls, though the back seat can be a little tight from what others have said. The trunk also opens.


Hot Wheels Corvette 2 (Remote Controlled)

The RC car only fits 2 dolls, and is a collaborative Barbie and Hot Wheels toy. So the choice is your’s…possibly more detail, and fits four dolls for the normal car…or one you can have a little fun with, and actually “drive”. Come on adult collectors, you know you want to!



Barbie Movie Barbies

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! The Barbie Movie dolls have been released, and they feature characters and fashions from the movie. There has already been a little bit of controversy among collectors, who were not a fan of Barbie’s bangs. However, in all honesty…the bangs are cute, but I’d advise getting that particular doll in store (Toys R Us, Walmart), in person, as opposed to online, so you can choose one with bangs you feel look good, because some can sit a little off.


Perfect Day Barbie


Ken Perfect Day


Back To Barbieland


Denim Ken


Pink Western Barbie


Barbieland Gold Jumpsuit


President Barbie



Barbie x Aldo

The Barbie ♥ Aldo collab is here, and selling out fast. From my understanding, it sold so fast they will be restocking items, so if you’re wanting something that’s out of stock, keep checking back, and you might get lucky. If you are someone who has always loved Barbie’s shoes, or maybe just love shoes and accessories…this collab is for you. There’s multiple styles of shoes, some handbags, jewelry, and even some sparkly pink sunglasses! Anyone else wishing they could own the whole collection? ♥

Check out the full collection on the Aldo website HERE. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, if you end up doing some unexpected shopping…

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