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  • Couple Creates Their Own Wedding Set

    A while back, there was a same-sex couple, who, after searching for a Barbie wedding set to gift their niece, was unable to find one that properly represented them…so they made their own! Along with a picture of their custom wedding set, the couple also tweeted Mattel, asking them to consider making same-sex wedding set dolls, to represent more couples in the world today.  Here is the couple, along with the wedding set they put together, and with what they wrote to Mattel.


  • May Windup

    It’s almost the end of our meetings, which means it’s time for our May Windup Luncheon! It will be on Sunday, May 26th, 2019, at the Salisbury House at 787 Leila Avenue, and will be from noon to 4pm. Don’t forget to mark it in your calendars, and come have some fun!

  • April Meeting

    Our last meeting before our wind up, will be this Sunday, April 28th, at the Salisbury House on Leila. However, this month, our meeting will begin at a different time. The room will be available to us at 2pm, and the meeting will start at 2:15pm. If you’d like to still have something to eat, you can come early and eat in the main dining area, prior to 2pm, so that once you at done, you can go into the room at 2pm for the meeting.

    Despite the slight difference in time, we hope to see you there, especially since we are now having such beautiful weather! Get out and about, and come check us out!

  • Doll Extravaganza

    There is a fun doll sale coming up in Winnipeg this weekend! The Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza. It takes place on Sunday, March 17, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Viscount Gort Hotel on 1670 Portage Avenue.

    Admission: $5 for adults
    $2 for children under 12

    Also, if you bring a can of cat or dog food for local pet rescues, you’ll receive an extra draw ticket for every can!

  • New Year, New Meeting!

    The holidays may be over, but that also means it’s time for our first meeting of 2019, on Sunday, January 27th. Same place, same time. For show and tell, bring your dolls that are wearing tophats, toques and tiaras! And for our project this meeting, we’ll also be making doll hat’s and scarves out of socks. So come to the meeting and have some fun…we hope to see you there!


  • Christmas Luncheon

    It’s that magical time of year again, so you know what that means…our Christmas Luncheon is soon upon us! It will be on Sunday, December 9th, from noon to 4pm, held at the Salisbury House (787 Leila Avenue). We’ll have prizes and other fun things, so please come and join the fun!

  • November Meeting!

    It’s our last normal meeting before the holidays, and we hope to see you there! Our show and tell theme is Christmas dolls you enjoy displaying through the years…it will be a beautiful display, for sure, with everyone’s Christmas dolls together!

    We’ll also be working on a project at the end of the meeting, where you can make your own mini Elf On The Shelf for your dolls!

  • Holiday Barbie 2018

    It’s a special year for Holiday Barbies, as it’s the 30th anniversary of when the first one came out in 1988. As a tribute to the first ever Holiday Barbie, they gave this year’s doll a red dress made of tulle, though in a different style (she needs to keep up with current styles, after all! It just wouldn’t be Barbie fashion if she didn’t). This year’s doll is available in three different skin tones, and each of the three has their own unique hairstyle. The pictures were just recently released, so enjoy your first look at this year’s Holiday Barbie!



  • Royal Romance

    As talk of the Royal Wedding Of Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle continues, I thought I would share with you the bisque porcelain dolls available from Ashton Drake, and sold through the Bradford Exchange. Meghan is the Royal Romance Bride, and Harry is the Royal Romance Groom, which are both posable. They are for sale individually, for $179.99 each. You can pre-order or reserve your’s today, though it seems they won’t be shipped until December 31st.


    If you would like to see more pictures of the dolls, including some close up shots of some of the details or wish to order one, just go to the website listed on the image, and you’ll find them there.

  • KP Doll Display

    Though this is long overdue, I wanted to follow up on the doll display at Kildonan Place mall in June. I was able to go check it out, and also spoke to Diane Willey, who had put together the display. In a twist of fate, it turns out, she is a former member of the Manitoba Doll Club! Some of you may have known that, but I wasn’t aware of that prior to going. She had a beautiful assortment of dolls on display. I heard some of you were able to go, but for those who weren’t able to, or anyone who would like to have another look, here are some pictures of the dolls displayed that day.

    Diane also has a doll museum, which I’ve included information for, for anyone who is interested. If the writing is too hard to make out, and you would like the information, just ask.