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As a member of the Manitoba Doll Club, you may advertise your doll-related business or website on our page. As a member, if you have items for sale or are looking for something in particular, you may also advertise here.

Please note, you do not need to have a website or an e-Mail address to use this service. All members are welcome to advertise here. Please email me to make arrangements for your advertisement.

If you are responding to an advertisement, please contact the advertiser directly. Thank you!

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Over 375 cards in plastic collector sheets  –  each sheet holds 9 cards.  Prefer to sell as a set  –  $40 OBO  –  open to offers.
Contact MDC Librarian  –  Dianne  –  by phone: (204) 334-4916 or email:  dmalzensky@shaw.ca 
Proceeds from this sale will go towards purchase of new items for Manitoba Doll Club library.



1968 Mattel, Inc.  –  Whitman Publishing Division
Book is in good condition.  Name printed on inside cover and cover has a couple of dents and a bit of wear but otherwise overall condition is good.  All pages intact and no rips. If you have a Baby Cheerful Tearful doll, this book will make a great addition to your collection.  ASKING $10.  Will accept offers.
Please contact Dianne at dmalzensky@shaw.ca or call 204-334-4916 (leave message).



Winter Fantasy Barbie 1995. Brunette with gold and white outfit. NRFB.
Winter Fantasy Barbie 1996. Brunette with burgundy and silver outfit. NRFB.
Barbie on Bay 1996. Blonde doll with pink gingham jumper. NRFB.
FloJo Doll 1989. LJN Toys. Florence Griffith Joyner celebrity doll. NRFB.

Dolls are $25 EACH. Can be picked up from Winnipeg address or will mail. Estimated cost to ship anywhere in N. America $15 per doll (less if more than one is purchased).
For more information email  a_basham@shaw.ca

Coming soon: Sindy, Paul, Imani and Menelik and more.


Doll Maker and Doll Doctor
Doll Repairs: Antique, Bisque, or Composition

Call Sylvia Grantham (204)482-4932, or email sd.granth@qkstream.com


Denise designes clothing for such dolls as:

Kitty Collier, Emme, Tyler Wentworth, Brenda Starr, Eve, Alexander Fairchild Ford, Milano, Gene,  Eve, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Vanna White, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe modern Cissy, CED, American Model, Ellowyne Wilde, Urban Vita, Clea Bella, and Barbies. I sell my outfits on Ebay under the seller ID of Denidolldesigns.

Denise’s Website can be found here.



Note: Please understand that the contents are subject to what all of us club members write or design. If you are not a designer, that’s okay! You probably have something else to contribute; just look over the list of ‘might be’. We also need people to tell of their experiences in the doll world, questions, answers, photos, etc. Non-members may also send doll-related contributions for the newsletter.

Each newsletter has a theme but many other topics are also included. Join the fun of sharing “doll doings” with other doll lovers! All  members are entitled to one free ad per year (about 25 words). If you  wish to have an ad included in each newsletter the cost is $5.00 per year. Non-members may advertise for $5.00 per newsletter.