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KP Doll Display

Though this is long overdue, I wanted to follow up on the doll display at Kildonan Place mall in June. I was able to go check it out, and also spoke to Diane Willey, who had put together the display. In a twist of fate, it turns out, she is a former member of the Manitoba Doll Club! Some of you may have known that, but I wasn’t aware of that prior to going. She had a beautiful assortment of dolls on display. I heard some of you were able to go, but for those who weren’t able to, or anyone who would like to have another look, here are some pictures of the dolls displayed that day.

Diane also has a doll museum, which I’ve included information for, for anyone who is interested. If the writing is too hard to make out, and you would like the information, just ask.