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New Barbie & Ken

They come in all shapes and sizes! Sort of… The new Barbie bodies do come in some new shapes and sizes, including the original, a petite version, tall, and then also curvy Barbies, featuring a fuller figure, which comes in those variation of heights. The new dolls also feature a wide variety of skin tones, and eye colors, along with all sorts of new hair colors; pink, purple, and even blue, to name a few. After the popularity of widening their Fashionistas range, Mattel went ahead and gave Ken a bit of a makeover, too. He now comes in original, short, and tall, with an original body size, a thinner size, and one that’s a little bit fuller or filled out. They also come in a whole variety of skin tones and eye colors, and an assortment of new hairstyles, going from tousled, to cornrows, and yes, even a man bun.